Winbuzz Live IPL Betting 2024

Winbuzz Live IPLĀ  Betting : You must be knowing that IPL is going on in India which is most popular sports league in which players from different countries take part. Winbuzz facilitates live betting in this league where you can bet on your favorite team and their players individually. In this article we will discuss how you can bet in IPL 2024 and win contests.

Before that you need to have your ID in winbuzz then only you can place bets and win money. So we request you to kindly claim your Winbuzz ID to continue. Most striking feature of Winbuzz is it’s 400% percent deposit bonus. So when you claim your ID and Deposit money in your account, you will get 4 times more money in your account.

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Winbuzz IPL Betting Odds

In Winbuzz game players can bet on multiple odds which gives provides user with wide range of opportunity to win bets. Let us tell you that Winbuzz is the only Website which provides so many odds for betting. Here are some IPL Betting Odds which you can chose while live IPL Betting.

  1. You can chose your favorite team which you think can win and bet on it. Obviously you will get low winning on strong team.
  2. You can bet on session score for example how many runs a team will score in certain overs. This is most popular odds and winning chances are high in this.
  3. You can also bet on Fall wickets and score at that time.
  4. You can also bet on Odd and Even score after completion of 6 overs.
  5. You can bet on Match stats like Total Fours, Total Wickets, Total sixes and other stats.

Winbuzz IPL Betting Winning Proof

If you think WInbuzz is just like other apps where you can not win bets so easily. So we have proof to make you feel comfortable for Winbuzz live ipl betting. Below image depicts the match wise bets and Profit/loss in that bet. You will se only one loss figure and rest are profitable bets. So kindly consider this proof before joining Winbuzz for any kind of sports betting.

Winbuzz Winning betting proof

How to Live Betting in IPL 2024 ?

Now you have basic idea about betting in Winbuzz but the execution is really very important. So we will explain you how you can place bets in Winbuzz. Please follow these steps and you will be easily able to place Live IPL Bet in Winbuzz game.

Step 1) First Login to your Winbuzz Account

Step 2) Now you landed on the Winbuzz Dashboard

Step 3) Now Click on Cricket > Indian Premiere League > Today’s Match

Step 4) Now chose the odds you want from the list

Step 5) Place your bet and Deposit the amount

Step 6) You can also cashout before completion of your bet.

If you are still having some doubts then here is the video that how you can place your bet in Winbuzz.


Betting is game of luck and not game of skills so winning and losing all depends upon your luck and little bit knowledge and skills. So if you can win money easily then you can lose money too. So we request you to kindly play such games at your own risk and this article is just written as a part of information. We never promote any betting or force you to play betting games. You only be responsible for your win and lose.

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